I Need Your Help!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog these past few months!  I appreciate all of the support that I have been receiving. In just a few days, I will be heading to Toronto to compete with 74 girls from across Canada, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I need your vote to help get me “fast-tracked” into the top 20!

Voting information is slowly being let out. It takes place July 9 until July 16, but only 1 vote is allowed per email address! Here is the facebook event page for those who would like a reminder!

** There have been some issues with the system, but everything should be wor

How it Works

1. Log onto http://www.missteencanadaworld.com/mtcw-finals/finalists

2. Go Up top and click Become a VIP, and fill out the info.
— Memeberships are FREE & you DO NOT get spam or more emails etc.


4.Go back to http://www.missteencanadaw​orld.com/mtcw-finals/final​ists and search for my name in my province of ONTARIO

5. Click on details near my name, and then when its on my page go to vote and put ur email address in that u used for the VIP

6. CONFIRM EMAIL PLEASE or it wont go through!!

Thank you very much for the support I have been receiving! 🙂

Written by: Kelsey Johnson
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