Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant Experience!

So far, the week has gone by smoothly! Even with the lack of sleep, all the delegates seem to be having a wonderful time!

Day 1: Getting right down to business!

We did our official Miss Teen Canada-World photo and video shoot as well as our interview on Sunday! The day went by quickly, and everyone was thrilled to be getting dressed up with their hair and make up done!

Day 2: Touring the Town

After an early morning breakfast (and I mean early!) our first stop was on the Hippo Bus Tour! We hopped in two buses with eTALK  and drove around the city AND lake ontario! Yes, the bus turned into a BOAT!

We stopped for lunch at the Ballroom by MuchMusic and enjoyed some delicious grilled cheese and popcorn while bowling!

When we returned to the hotel, the girls practised  walking for the pageant and had the chance to mingle with one another before we headed to dinner with Miss Teen-World at a greek restaurant; Arkadia House! AMAZING FOOD!


Voting has had some glitches, but has been fixed! Click here for the facebook event or see instructions below:


1. go to http://www.missteencanadaw​orld.com/mtcw-finals/final​ists

2. Go Up top and click Become a VIP, and fill out the info.
— Memeberships are FREE & you DO NOT get spam or more emails etc.


4.Go back to http://www.missteencanadaw​orld.com/mtcw-finals/final​ists and search for my name in my province of ONTARIO

5. Click on details undrt my name, and then when its on my page look on the right side. Enter your email address in the box that you had used for the VIP and click vote!

6. CONFIRM EMAIL PLEASE or it wont go through!!

Thank you very much for the support! <3

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