The Journey Continues!

Day 3: Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse – Party!

Sneak Peek From the High Fashion Shoot!

Tuesday, we learned the choreography for the pageant and preliminary show from Sean Cuffie! Although it was a lot of work, we got to see Billy Elliot the Musical that evening and even got to meet some of its cast members! The show was amazing and it was really cool to have the opportunity to chat with the actors about their experiences! Afterwards we had the chance to sing kareoke and dance the night away at Toronto’s “the Time Zone”!

Day 4: Shop Till’ Ya Drop!

Shooting at Stylexchange!

Wednesday we had the opportunity to shop at Stylexchange in downtown Toronto! The store was full of great brands and crazy colours, and we had the pleasure of having ET Canada accompany us. Myself and Lauren also had a photo shoot at the store, where we had our make up done by the lovely ladies from Rimmel London!

Thank you to Rimmel London for the amazing job you did and all the make up you gave us! Special thanks to Stylexchange for the discount and shirts!

When we arrived back at the hotel, the top 6 photogenic delegates were given a photo shoot! We had our hair and make up done by Fiorio while the other girls were meeting with the host of the pageant, Luke Bilyk from Degrassi: the Next Generation! He was going through a list of all the delegates names to be sure he did not pronounce any wrong the night of the show. He took the time to shake everyones hand and even ran across the room to give the girls in hair and make up hugs! He was such an awesome guy! 🙂

The photo shoot went really well and it was awesome to have been able to shoot at the Fairmont: Royal York Hotel! Unfortunately, we missed learning some of the choregraphy for the opening number of the show, but Omar White was kind enough to teach us separately. Thanks man!

Day 5:  Preliminary Show!

Preliminary Competition

The moment everyone was waiting for, was basically today! The top 20 was going to be preselected for the show — tonight! I was so nervous, but instead of freaking out, I tried to focus that energy on my walk and what else needed to be done while on stage!

It was hectic in hair and make up behind the scences and some of the girls (like me) just finished in time! Despite the tight timeline, everyone was able to get ready before the show and it turned out to be successful! I felt that I had done my best, and I couldn`t  have been more satisfied!

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