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Rising to the Top

Everyone has a dream, whats yours? I have been modeling for over a year now, and have gone from agency to agency looking for the perfect fit. Despite being turned down in the beginning and being told everything from “you need to lose weight” to “your not the right look for us”, everyone needs to start somewhere. Modeling is a huge passion of mine, which is why I stuck with it. Anything is possible when you try, and I want to be that voice of encouragement to younger children.

My platform throughout the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant has always been “express your inner self”. If given this chance, I would show everyone what it is like to be a part of the industry. I would showcase the reality of the so called “glamourous model lifestyle” the industry advertises, while at the same time encouraging those to seek out and accomplish their goals if they are truly passionate about them.


Rising to the Top, a reality type of show would follow my friends and I as we go through some of the greatest and worst moments of our lives.

In September, we will be going through our second year of university at McMaster in Hamilton, Ontario. As if school isn’t enough in itself, I will also be working a part time job along with several of those friends, while trying to pursue my dream of modeling full time in Toronto.

I have been selected as the VP Social of the McMaster Political Science Student Association (MPSSA) for next year, and am also a member of the McMaster Young Liberals. Time management is everything, and I want to show girls that it is possible to do whatever you put your mind to! Last year I was the First Year Representative of the MPSSA, a McMaster Young Liberal and the captain of an intramural volleyball team while pursuing modeling during school.


Rimmel London is all about getting that “royal look” and embracing your individuality! Being the make-up product of this show would allow them to promote that message further. Although Rimmel London is already a well known and established brand, the show would further excercise its ability to be worn infront of the camera for high fashion shoots, and off camera while walking the streets and performing everyday tasks such as attending work, school etc!

Stylexchange is a “Canadian retail chain” whose goal is to bring the best brands to Canadians. They too promote individuality, as their goal is to “widen the horizons of the fashion concious”. The show would allow them to showcase the wide variety of clothing they carry, since each of us have our own style and since Stylexchange has something for everyone!

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  1. Those are yours alright! . We nee te ling is to start bgging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!

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