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Rising to the Top

Everyone has a dream, whats yours? I have been modeling for over a year now, and have gone from agency to agency looking for the perfect fit. Despite being turned down in the beginning and being told everything from “you need to lose weight” to “your not the right look for us”, everyone needs to start somewhere. Modeling is a huge passion of mine, which is why I stuck with it. Anything is possible when you try, and I want to be that voice of encouragement to younger children.

My platform throughout the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant has always been “express your inner self”. If given this chance, I would show everyone what it is like to be a part of the industry. I would showcase the reality of the so called “glamourous model lifestyle” the industry advertises, while at the same time encouraging those to seek out and accomplish their goals if they are truly passionate about them.


Rising to the Top, a reality type of show would follow my friends and I as we go through some of the greatest and worst moments of our lives.

In September, we will be going through our second year of university at McMaster in Hamilton, Ontario. As if school isn’t enough in itself, I will also be working a part time job along with several of those friends, while trying to pursue my dream of modeling full time in Toronto.

I have been selected as the VP Social of the McMaster Political Science Student Association (MPSSA) for next year, and am also a member of the McMaster Young Liberals. Time management is everything, and I want to show girls that it is possible to do whatever you put your mind to! Last year I was the First Year Representative of the MPSSA, a McMaster Young Liberal and the captain of an intramural volleyball team while pursuing modeling during school.


Rimmel London is all about getting that “royal look” and embracing your individuality! Being the make-up product of this show would allow them to promote that message further. Although Rimmel London is already a well known and established brand, the show would further excercise its ability to be worn infront of the camera for high fashion shoots, and off camera while walking the streets and performing everyday tasks such as attending work, school etc!

Stylexchange is a “Canadian retail chain” whose goal is to bring the best brands to Canadians. They too promote individuality, as their goal is to “widen the horizons of the fashion concious”. The show would allow them to showcase the wide variety of clothing they carry, since each of us have our own style and since Stylexchange has something for everyone!

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The Final Countdown

In just 3 more days, 75 girls from across the country will make there way to Toronto, Ontario to participate in the Miss Teen Canada-World national pageant! It is hard to believe that nearly 9 months have gone by since I received my title of Miss Teen London-World back in November at the regional pageant! Since then, I have become even more involved in my community! Here are some of the activities I participated in!

Community Involvement

April 30- London,Ontario Vote Mob: Raising Awareness of the Youth Vote and educating the public about voting:

  • Spoke to members of the public
  • Encouraged people to participate
  • Appeared in the Youtube video for the event. It was a movement started by Universities from across the country.

May 22- Toronto Fashion Show: Participating in the launch of Oleta Je-Co, an up and coming Toronto Agency:

  • Spoke on stage about my experience with the pageant.
  • Modeled in the show

June 18 & 22- Masonville Mall: Celebrate Canada asked me to co-host their Canada Day event in Harris Park in front of thousands of people:

  • Took pictures and greeted the public
  • Discussed my experiences with the public
  • Hyped the event
  • Handed out Canada Day flags and pins

June 17- Notre Dame Elementary School: I was given the opportunity to return to my elementary school where I:

  • Spoke to classes, sharing with them my platform and my experiences with the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant.

June 29- Waterloo Tweet-up: I was asked to attend a tweet-up in Waterloo, Ontario to discuss the upcoming “140 Conference Ontario”. A conference that raises awareness about the power of social networking:

  • Spoke with people about my experiences
  • Discussed social networking

July 1- Canada Day in Harris Park: I co-hosted the Canada Day Celebrations. The “Portraits of Honour” display was brought in and the military brought in equipment to put on display. There were fireworks and performances that drew a total of 38,000 people to the park! My responsibilities included:

  • Sitting on stage during the opening ceremonies – where I was acknowledged for my volunteer work with Celebrate Canada and my experience with the Miss Teen Canada World Pageant.
  • Cutting the cake with the Mayor of London and the cities local MP’s
  • Serving cake to the public and the military that were in attendance
  • Meeting and speaking with the public
  • Introducing acts on stage with the host
  • Speaking to Sun Media about the event
  • Collecting Donations for Celebrate Canada

Highlights from my Experiences!

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Happy Canada Day!

I hope all of you were able to enjoy your holiday! The London community, where I am from, was fortunate to have a variety of events going on that day! Although I was unable to attend them all, I had a wonderful time co-hosting the festivities at Harris Park! Celebrate Canada had been working hard the past few months to pull everything together, and the end result had surpassed all expectations!

An estimated 38,000 people passed through the park, and over 8000 alone viewed the “Portraits of Honour” display brought in by artist Dave Sopha. The painting bares the images of the 155 Canadian soldiers that gave their lives for our country in Afghanistan.

Although I was co-hosting, I was able to make my way around the park. There were bouncy castles and games, trucks and other military equipement courtesy of the armed forces, horse and carriage rides as well as the Portraits of Honour display. On stage, performances were carried out by local talent; among them Genevieve Fisher and Sea and City. A Pow Wow was also held by the Aborigonal Peoples at noon, and was incredible to watch!

Opening Ceremonies

During the Opening Ceremony, I had the honour of sitting on stage with local politicians. They included Chris Bentley (MPP London West), Deb Mathews (Minister of Health) and Ed Holder (Conservative MP London West) among others. There, I was acknowledged by Randy Warden, chairman of Celebrate Canada, for my accomplishments as Miss Teen London-World. I was asked to stand, and was applauded by all who were in attendance! Thank you Randy!

Afterwards, I was asked to join Mayor Joe Fontana and others in the traditional cutting of the Canada Day caked! Missed it? You can watch the video here! I also had the pleasure of serving it to those in attendance as well as to the members of the Canadian Forces.

My role as mentioned was co-hosting the show, but I also served cake to the public and the Canadian Armed Forces. I also collected donations on behalf of Celebrate Canada, and handed out Canadian flags to children!

Canadian Armed Forces

It is important to recognize those who are fighting for our country! It was nice to see Londoners taking the time out of their day to thank them for their services! Everyone seemed to enjoy the equipement they brought to Harris Park, and it was nice to be able to chat with some of the soldiers about their experiences and goals with the military.

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end! That being said, the day ended shortly after 10pm with a large fireworks display. The dispay is so large, that Ivey Park and the bridge to downtown London are closed every year at night for the event

Thank you!

I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to Celebrate Canada again for inviting me to participate in the Canada Day festivities. More specifically to it’s Chairman Randy Warden, and the Director of Media Relations and Communications, Rossan Wyatt! Also, thanks to everyone who came out to make the event so successful! We had over 200 volunteers this year too! You guys rock!

For more pictures from the event, check out Dave Colvin’s pictures! Or London Celebrate’s Canadas facebook page.

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This past week I have been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from local media wanting to help me in getting my name out and about in the London community! I couldn’t be any more thankful for everything that has happened!

The Londoner

Celebrate Canada was kind enough to include me in their Canada Day activites this year in Harris Park! I was thrilled to be involved, and was really blown away by the support they have show me. They had The Londoner contact me regarding an interview, and this week it was published! The Londoner is given out in the local newspaper, the London Free Press. You can view the online article here!

Metro News London

Metro News London was kind enough to do a spread in their paper covering the events that are happening July 1st in Harris Park! It was nice to meet up with Marina Brkljaca and to do a mini photo shoot in the park for it. Curtis Cleaver and I, on behalf of Celebrate Canada made the front page and it looked awesome! Thank you to everyone involved! Metro News is free and can be found at most bus stops in London, Ontario. It is also viewable online!

Community News London

I was also contacted by Dawn Lyons of Community News London, an online newspaper regarding my experience in the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant. Although I was unable to meet with her in person, I loved the questions she asked me! Click here to read the article!

Rogers Daytime Television

Darren & Sabrina

Roger’s Daytime Television was kind enough to invite Celebrate Canada to be on their 200th episode to let the people of London know about what is happening on Canada Day in Harris Park! I have posted pictures of the interview on my facebook page, and am hoping to post a link to the interview soon when it becomes available! Thank you again for having us!

106.9 The X – Radio!

This week I also had the priviledge of meeting with Amanda Bell of 106.9 the X radio in London, Ontario! We met at a local coffee shop and I was able to share some of my experiences with her about the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant! The interview is expected to be on air sometime later today, and I will be posting the clip when it becomes available! The station is run by Fanshawe College and plays mostly R&B as well as Hip Hop! Thank you for your support!

#140 Conference Tweetup!

The #140 Conference is an event that is being brought from New York to Kitchener-Waterloo this September! The event

“..exposes you to the power the Internet has to disrupt businesses, change lives and create serendipity. You will leave with a fresh outlook on how the real time web can be used in your business or personal life to actually do something meaningful”. – #140 Conf Ontario, September 15, 2011

On June 29th, I was invited to attend the tweetup in Kitchener-Waterloo. It was essentially a gathering to exchange information with other businesses and to promote the event. I had the pleasure of meeting TJ, the creator of Dear Photograph who was nice enough to share his experiences with me. Tickets are on sale now and can be purched here. For more information about the event, tweet #140confONT or visit the facebook page!

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Canada Day in Harris Park!

Canada is celebrating its 144th birthday this Friday, and I am curious to know what YOU are up to!

Not to sure just yet? No worries, I got you covered! Whether you are looking to spend some time with your friends or family, I highly recommend that you make your way down to Harris Park at the Fork of the Thames in downtown London!

Performances & Activities!

I will be co-hosting some of the festivities, and there will be tons of performances by local musicians! There will also be free horse and carrige rides, a magic show, a pow wow, fireworks, and even an appearance from Dave Sopha’s “Portraits of Honour”.

I am really looking forward to meeting with the people of London, as well as Mayor Joe Fontana and our local MP’s!

For More Details..

For more information about the events taking place, or how to get to Harris Park, please check out Celebrates Canada’s website! There, you will find a complete schedule as to what is going on. Be sure to check out the event on facebook too! This event is also accessable!Hope to see you there!


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About Free the Children

Founded in 1995 by 12 year old Craig Kielburger, Free the Children has grown into a well known international organization that has come to help many families in poverty stricken communities overseas. Through the help and support of friends and family, Kielburger was able to spread his message of “being the change” and gain what he needed to accomplish his goal of bringing education to those who could not afford it.

What first started with bake sales and small local fundraisers has now turned into something bigger. With help from over 60 corporate sponsors, Free the Children has been able to bring education to over 55 thousand children, clean drinking water to over one million and provide an additional 15 million dollars in health care to those who could not afford it in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Miss Teen Canada-World has chosen Free the Children as the official charity of the pageant. It is the goal of each delegate to raise at least $400 in recognition of this.

Corporate Sponsor: B.

One corporate sponsor that stuck out to me the most was B. Their slogan, “Just B. Just You. B. You” reflects my platform in the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant perfectly. My platform is “express you inner self” and is all about being who you are. The partnership between these two has enabled them both to empower children to do just that! I believe that children are the future, and by inspring them we are able to create great change. B. explained on their website that;

“The goals, ideals and beliefs of Free The Children parallel our own perfectly. We truly believe that children hold the power to change this world. Free The Children is funded and driven by the energy and passion of youth.”

B. is a new brand of toys produced by Battat in Montreal, Quebec. For every toy that is purchased through B. 10 cents will be donated by them to Free the Children. It may not seem like much, but it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference!

B. Toys; Why Are They So Different?!

Their role as a brand is to create toys that express individuality. This is why B. toys are coloured and packaged differently. The inks used are soy-based and the varnishes are water-based. The packaging is even recyclable, and many are made specifically for gift giving, with gift tags already attached! The brand has also won many awards, but claims the biggest reward of all is “to see happy children playing with [their] toys”.

B. toys can be purchased at Zellers in Canada, Target in the United States and other toy stores across North America. For the closest location nearest to you, please visit their website.

Free The Children Donations

So far, I have been able to raise an amazing $2000 for Free the Children! My personal goal is $2,500, and I would love to beat that if I could. To donate, please feel free to message me on facebook or visit the Free the Children website.

You can also “like” We Day on facebook! We day is an event put on by Free the Children to raise money and awareness for the charity. It is also meant to inspire children to get involved in their communities! For every “like” on facebook, $1 will be donated to Free the Children. Vivent is also giving charities the chance to win $250,000! Free the Children is in the top 10 and needs your vote to make it to #1! Don’t hesitate to vote here!

If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to contact me. I love hearing from you guys!


“Free The Children.” Free The Children. 2011. Web. 25 June 2011.

“B. Story / FAQ.” Just B. Just You. B. You | B. Toys. Battat Inc., 2011. Web. 25 June 2011.

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I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to my sponsors as well as my family and friends for all of their support and encouragement throughout my reign as Miss Teen London-World. You guys have made this an amazing journey for me, and I cannot wait to represent my community in the national pageant!

BGL Working Group Inc.

London Celebrates Canada

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please contact me via facebook or email! You can purchase ad space in our program book that will be seen by people from accross Canada! I am also collecting donations on behalf of Free the Children and any amount is welcomed! Please see my blog entry entitled “Free The Children” for more information regarding them and their role in the Miss Teen Canada pageant!

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For those of you who have never been to London, Ontario – I wanted to share with you more pictures of the city! Please feel free to check out the gallery below! If you have any questions, please comment or ask away on my facebook page!

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If you have been following me on twitter, reading my blog or are supporter on facebook, you are probably aware of my title as Miss Teen London-World 2011! This title means a lot to me because I am representing the city I have grown up in and love so much! This is the reason why I find it so special, not to mention that it is a rather tight knit and welcoming community despite its population of 353,000 people!

No matter what your age, there is always something here for everyone. If you have never been to London, here are a few of the places that I would recommend you check out!

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology

Some of the Staff and I at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology!

London was established in 1826 by European settlers and named after London, England. It was nick-named the “Forest City” because it was originally carved out of a forest by the Ojibwa tribes that occupied the land 10,000 years before them. The Thames River that runs through London provided them with the many resources they needed to survive.

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is a tribute to these people and is also an active archaeological site!  It is the ideal place to visit if you are interested in archeaology, first nations tribes or even just history! It is important to me because I completed my grade 12 co-op placement here where learned a lot.

Remark Fresh Markets

The Owners of Remark & Myself Outisde of the Store!

Another place that is of great significance to me is Remark Fresh Markets. I have been working at this local grocery store for almost 3 years now. Being a cashier here has contributed to my social skills and has taught me a lot! The food is always fresh and the staff are always friendly! There are only two locations; here and in Windsor making it unique. If you have never been, you should definitely stop by sometime!

John Labatt Centre

The John Labatt Centre!

Home of the OHL’s London Knights, the JLC has been known to host some of the most amazing shows and spectacles! My parents use to take my sister and I to hockey games all the time here. Many performers have come to the city since its construction back in 2002 including classic rock act KISS and pop/rock sensation Elton John!

Storybook Gardens!

The Entrace to Storybook Gardens!

When I was younger, this was the place I wanted to be all the time! Here you can swim, watch animals, ride a train and merry-go-round as well as climb several of the jungle gyms!  Perfect for children 12 and under, Storybook Gardens has been around for years and is located in Springbank Park. It is one of the main attractions in London.

Richmond Row

Richmond Row

My personal favourite place to hang out is Richmond Row! The street is lined with boutiques and a lot of great restaurants! Yoyo’s frozen yogurt is everyones favourite treat and Prince Al’s Diner has some of the best fast food and milkshakes London has to offer! For those of you over the age of 18, Richmond Street is the place where everyone goes to have a good time at night. You are guarenteed to have a blast, at least from what I hear!

For more information about tourism in London, you can check out Tourism London’s website! If you have a question about anything that I have posted, please don’t hesitate to ask me! 🙂


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Masonville Mall – Canada Day Updates

Some of the lovely volunteers and I at Masonville Mall

This past weekend, I made an appearance at Masonville Mall in London, Ontario on behalf of London Celebrates Canada! The purpose was mainly to raise funds as well as awarness of the Canada Day Festivities happening in Harris Park on July 1st! London Celebrates Canada is responsible for putting all the events together and I am so excited to be a part of the celebrations this year!

Through this community awareness exhibit, we were able to raise an amazing $157.70! We also recruited several new volunteers for the Canada Day event! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us! A big thank you also goes out to Masonville Mall for letting us occupy the booth!

If you were unable to stop by, no worries! We will be back at the community booth in Masonville Mall Saturday, June 25!

The MTC-W pageant has allowed me to become a role model to younger children. I love being able to inspire them!

If you choose to make a donation to London Celebrates Canada’s Canada Day Festivities, donations of $10 or more will receive a bottle of delicious local maple syrup! We are also giving out free magnets, stickers and Canada Day pins! Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

I have added several pictures from this event to my facebook page! Be sure to check them out!

Notre Dame Elementary School Visit!

I was last at the school 6 years ago, when I graduated!

Friday, June 17 I was honoured to be welcomed back into the Notre Dame Elementary School community to share stories of what I have accomplished. I had attended the school from kindergarten all the way through until grade 8, so a vist was long overdue! The teachers were very proud of what I have done, and the students were very excited to see me in their classroom!

It was another reminder as to why I decided to enter the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant in the first place; to inspire and to educate others. I spoke to students of all ages, all of whom were intriged by my story and receptive of my platform “express your inner self“!

When I began to tell the students about Free The Children, the official charity of the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant, many of the students were surprised to learn about some of the amazing things they do! In Kenya, they are currently building a boarding school for girls to receive an education.

I may have changed, but I am still the same person!

The grade 2 classroom couldn’t believe that some of the young women there are married as young as 13 years of age, and  unable to attend school without some kind of aid.

I am hoping to return to Notre Dame sometime next week to take pictures with some of the staff. Unfortunately, with school ending soon, it is a difficult time of year to be arranging visits! I am glad that they were able to have me this week and I hope that this opportunity will present itself again.

Thank you to the wonderful staff for having me! 🙂

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