Miss Teen Canada-World Delegates Visit Free The Children!

On Thursday, August 18 some of the Miss Teen Canada-World delegates had the opportunity to visit the offices of Free the Children in Toronto, Ontario to learn more about the charity and the work that goes on behind the scenes!

What We Learned

A lot of work goes into to everything that the charity does. There are various offices that deal with specific things such as corporate fundraising, funraising through schools, to even events such as “We Day” taking place this September. I took notice when they mentioned that one of their goals is to empower youth and those who want to make a difference in their communities and around the world.

The Me to We Store

One of the places we got to visit was the Free the Children “Me to We” stores. The charity has put together a clothing line to raise money and awareness about what they do. The Miss Teen Canada-World delegates each received a Me to We style shirt at the 2011 national pageant, and those who visited the store were also given another. Thank you very much for doing that!

About the Charity!

To learn more about the charity and its role in the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant click here or visit http://www.freethechildren.com/!

Written by: Kelsey Johnson
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2 Responses to Visiting Free The Children

  1. Will you be posting a lot more of such content? I certainly hope you do, simply because, to me, your site content is mind bending. It sets me to feel actual challenging, and I enjoy it. I believe your understanding will help to produce a much better world, so please keep it coming. Thanks and looking forward to your excellent content again soon.

    • kelseyjohnson says:

      Hey Crystals!

      I am sorry I have fallen back on posting since you last stopped by! I am still active with Free the Children, and will try to continue to get their message across to people like yourself! 🙂 Thank you for your feedback! It is appreciated!

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