It’s Time to Make a Difference Again!

One of the Miss Teen Canada-World delegates, Vanessa Peynenburg, has decided to take her experience with the pageant and make it a global campaign with the primary message being “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”.

I myself have never followed the crowd, and have always been my own person. This is why I am highly recommending everyone to be involved in this!

Whose on Board?

 Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low, Eric Solomon, Rob Dyer of Skate4Cancer, and Ulf of Ace of Base have all decided to be a part of this campaign and it is time to add your name to the list! Below are the instructions on how you to can become involved!

Make a Video/Take a Picture with this Message!

“Hi, I’m _________, and I challenge you to be your own kind of beautiful.” Once there are enough submissions, Vanessa will create one video montage with all of your messages. If you have a message that you would like to record on top of that, whether it is about eating disorders, self image, the media, or anything relevant, you are free to do that as well. All submissions, whether they are text, pictures, or videos are to be sent to

Updates to follow! Check out Vanessa’s blog to learn more in the meantime!

Written by: Kelsey Johnson
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